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The AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ENGINEERS OF INDIAN ORIGIN (the “AAEIO”) was formed to address the need of Engineers or Indian Origin living in America to collaborate on Technology and Innovation and leverage the group’s knowledge, expertise and experience.

Education and Mentorship

  • Technical Education through Workshops / Seminars / Webinars / Conferences
  • Educate the AAEIO community about the latest in technology; AI applications, Drones, etc.
  • Reduced pricing access to certain technical publications
  • Access to key resources from our partners

Professional Opportunities 

  • Development and Participation in networking and placement activities for AAEIO’s member base
  • Collaboration with other organizations both in the U.S. and India that can provide access towards skill development

Entrepreneurial Network 

  • Motivate and support entrepreneurs in their endeavors
  • Promote access to engineering people, skills & technologies
  • Provide a networking platform for entrepreneurs
  • Legal & financial support (e.g. VC support)

Charitable organization 

  • Provide merit scholarship for Need based students
  • Fund engineering research assistantship on cutting edge technology to address global issues such as climate change